Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is a Web3 free-to-play game where players explore the world, collect valuable assets, and show their skills in competitive tournaments.

Core Values

Relive The Fantasy

There is a child in everyone who is still excited about dragons and fairies -- an adventurer ready to leave the mundanity to embark on a new journey. The Pepper world is created for this person with mysterious creatures, shiny treasures, and thrilling stories. Let your imagination run wild again!

Have Fun While Creating Wealth

Blockchain technology has allowed wealth to be created in many creative ways, and one application is gaming. At the core of Pepper Attack's economy, your actions will generate value for both yourself and the whole ecosystem. While immersing yourself in numerous fun activities, you will also learn new skills and become a key player in a sustainable economy.

Build A Community Together

Community is at the heart of Pepper Attack. There are regular events, games, and contests for community members to participate in and get to know each other. You are invited to share your ideas, build the game, make friends, and do great things together.
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