Vision & Missions

Power to The Players

Any online game needs players to survive. It's the players that fund the development, create the story and make the game worth playing. However, not many games reward their players financially, and we don’t think this should be the norm. The business model we are building allows us to reward players for their time and efforts in the game. Furthermore, we also get to know players personally, actively listen to their feedback, to adjust to development accordingly. Through the developers, the players can turn their vision into reality.

Sustainable Game Economy

We are in a booming phase of cryptocurrency and NFTs with new tokens and projects being issued every day. However, there are many concerns among players about the sustainability and durability of projects. The crypto market has high-rated returns for early players but there are many risks for those that come later, sometimes referred to as bagholders. This current circumstance of the market inspired us to research and build a more sustainable economy that gives players more equal competition, avoid pump-and-dump scheme, and rewards people at any point of entry.

Positive Social Impact

As we build a sustainable economy and community, we also want to leverage the power of the community for a better cause. The world we are living in today is facing serious problems with pandemics, pollution, global warming, animal extinction, and inequality. As individuals, we often feel that we do not have enough power to handle those big tasks. However, as a community, we can create a much bigger impact. We have done small but meaningful initiatives such as charity and donation with our community, and there are many other meaningful things we can do together. Just like how our characters saved their gaming world, hopefully, someday we can look back and be proud that we have actually made the world a better place.