Mythical World: 30% MYTE is available to be mined from the Mythical World by Mystic Pepper owners.
Pepper Guild: 30% MYTE will be used to operate the game by supplying the rewards for adventures, quests, contests, and events. 40 percent of this is unlocked at launch, and 20 percent is unlocked after every 6 months.
Community Treasure: 15% MYTE will be held in the Community Treasure. This MYTE will be used to fund community events, reward members for their contributions, and support Pepperfam’s social initiatives such as charity, philanthropy, and environmental conservations.
Starter Treasure: 15% MYTE will be reserved for private sales and public sales.
Partner Treasure: 10% MYTE will be held in the Partner Treasure. This MYTE is used to reward long-term partners who devote their time and talents to grow Pepper Attack. This treasure has a 2-year vesting period (50% after the first year and 50% after the second year).
MYTE tokenomics have been carefully reviewed by the Pepper Team, financial advisors, and the Pepperfam community.
See the full tokenomics here: https://tokenomics.pepperattack.com/.
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