​​MYTE (ERC-20)

Name: MYTE
Symbol: MYTE
Network: Polygon Mainnet
Total supply: 3,000,000,000
Contract Address: 0xe4DB44baE1391F0AE45cFA35Abef62941B343e77
Audited By: CertiK


Direct Sales: 15% of MYTE will be sold directly to players and investors.
Community Members: 30% fo MYTE is available for Pepper owners to mine over several years.
Game Operation: 30% of MYTE is for the game operation such as supplying the rewards for tournaments, events and quests. 40 percent of this amount is unlocked at launch, and 20 percent is unlocked after every 6 months.
Marketing and Community projects: 15% is used to fund community events, member rewards, marketing initiatives, and Pepperfam’s social initiatives such as charity, philanthropy, and environmental conservations.
Team & Partners: 10% is used to reward long-term partners who devote their time and talents to Pepper Attack. This treasure has a 2-year vesting period (50% after the first year and 50% after the second year).




While developing these tokenomics, we have received valuable reviews and suggestions from experienced players, community leaders, and tokenomics veterans from Pepperfam. A big thanks to all of you.
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